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Things Megan Reads: Pre-Beach Week Summer Edition.

Read two soon-to-be-movies YA novels, IF I STAY and THE MAZE RUNNER. Liked both. Not floored by either. Will probably read the follow up the former, kind of wish the latter was a stand alone piece and not part of a big series.

Loved FANGIRL. It wasn’t as heart-wrenching as E & P, but it definitely resonated with me more. So delightful and honest and clever.

Saw the trailer for FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and decided that I finally needed to get on board with this cultural phenomenon. I think EL James has pretty much replicated the TWILIGHT books for people who actually want to read about the sex. I felt similarly about this book as I did about those books; they are fun and ridiculous, but not well written and thematically problematic.

THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS was awesome. Carey writes comic books and action movies and you can feel that in his writing in a very fun way. It all feels very urgent and immediate. As someone who as read/watched a lot of products of the zombie craze, I loved that Carey’s version felt fresh. Really thrilling and surprising and enjoyable.

Stay tuned for Things Megan Reads: Beach Week Edition! Already 3 books in…

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Birthday cake montage! Chocolate on chocolate and pretzel crumble for my favorite person.

Birthday cake montage! Chocolate on chocolate and pretzel crumble for my favorite person.

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WARNING: Poetry and a lil’ bit of talk about sex. Use your judgement.

Here’s a little diatribe about sex and media
Yawn- I know- definitely a topic with a dumb page on wikipedia
But I’ve got thoughts bouncing around that I can’t seem to steady
So suck it up, guys, open your ears & get ready:

If you watch TV or check out a movie to be screened by teens
There are a couple of crucial possibilities nobody’s getting a chance to see
Boy meets girl- problematic and heteronormative from the start-
But maybe just as importantly the sexual exploration amounts to naught
The kids fall in love and decide they are ready
To take THAT step, run for home, lose the v card, DO IT already
And despite the fact that the viewer has only seen them hold hands
Our teenage heroes are suddenly screwing in the back of a van
Now before you stand up and call me a prude
I’m not saying no sex, shoot, I’d like us all in the mood
But for some reason the media misses a whole lot of steps
Fingering blow jobs BOOBS handies and all the delightful rest
So teenage kid ready to go all the way
Take it from a person who binge watched Pretty Little Liars in one day
You’ve gotta take everything you’re seeing with a serious mound of salt
Even thought the shitty representation is certainly not your fault
I dated a germaphobe and a mormon and stayed a virgin until 22
So trust me when I say there are other things your parts can do

But hey world- pay attention before you slut shame a girl in her teens
For the sake of modesty you’ve cut all options from the screen
So instead of criticizing teens for how early they give it up
Take a look at why they think their only option is to fuck

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You can tell that spending 2 months working through a super dense Margie A book caused me to hardcore YA-lit binge throughout and post that time. CAT’S EYE was brilliant, obviously. I want to give it to every girl I grew up to, or just everyone in the world. Reading it felt like telling a dark secret. Incredibly different from anything else I’ve read of hers. She is my favorite author. Definitely.

The entire MATCHED series was fun but nothing to write home about- it says something about both series that I was constantly confusing the details of the world in DIVERGENT with this one. Ally Conde was recommended to me by Jeff, one of Adi’s good friends who teaches middle schoolers. 

THIRTEEN REASONS WHY was haunting and quite lovely.

The Veronica Mars novel captured the tone of the show so well. Highly enjoyable- I look forward to more.

WHERE’D YOU GO, BERNADETTE was great even though a) it was trendy and b) I’m late to the party anyway. Love everything B writes about sea sickness.

And I’m not sure I can really talk about E & P yet. Many feelings and no eloquent way to share them. Read this book. I need to get my hands on FANGIRL.

Love books. Love my nook. Happy kid.